Friday, November 16, 2007

2006 - nowadays

According to recent messages left by Lara on her official site,, her next studio album will be her first Italian-language project. Few details have been released thus far, except that she has been working with Neapolitan singer and songwriter Gigi D'Alessio, who appeared once at one of her shows, and whose performance is included as a bonus on Lara's recent Live DVD. The two have recorded a song called "Un Cuore Malato" ("ill heart"), which they performed live during the fourth night of the 2007 Sanremo festival on Rai Uno, the main Italian public channel. Lara's Italian album is expected to be released around spring of the same year.

It has now been confirmed that there is a French/Italian version for this duet (Un Coeur Blessé) and that such version will be released during summer (now confirmed to be on the 28th May) in France to radio and TV performances will follow to promote this single.

Lara will working in Rome and Los Angeles until June 2007 to further writing and recording sessions for her Italian album. In the meantime, her current single "Un Cuore Malato" (with Gigi D'Alessio) has reached the top of the Italian charts and reached the top 20 in France (#16).

Since early June Lara has been working in Los Angeles alongside with Dave Stewart (of British band Eurythmics) and former Alanis Morissette producer and writing partner, Glenn Ballard on Lara's so aforementioned "multilingual" record which will include songs in English, Spanish, French and Italian and maybe a few other languages (resembling some of the recorded albuns by singers such as Josh Groban, Mario Frangoulis or even Russell Watson with whom she has recorded before). This album is expected to be released somewhere around 2008 or 2009. Lara will return to Los Angeles next year now to finish the recording process around this record.

Lara revealed some time ago , related to this project, that she wrote a song with Dave Stewart called "Between Hatred And Love" and a few tracks with Glen Ballad, who had previously composed a track for Lara titled "Ivy" and released as a b-side for the single "Adagio" in 1999.

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