Saturday, November 17, 2007

2005-2006 Un Regard 9

In the meantime, Lara has just released her new live CD/DVD "Un Regard 9 LIVE". Recorded in March 2006 at the Zenith in Paris, the CD presents 15 live performances plus a brand new song, "Aime," recorded in a studio in Montreal. This song has been recorded in both English and French, though the latter version is the only one officially released so far. It was initially presented live during a few concerts in Belgium as gift for her native Belgium fans, but the enthusiastic response and feedback was so huge that Lara felt she should record the song and include it on a forthcoming release.

On TV shows, where Lara has been promoting the song as a single, one can see the audience putting their hands in the air in the shape of a heart, a sign Lara made during her tour and that has now became a symbol for the song and its meaning. The entire live concert features songs from Lara's latest studio album "9" and old songs all performed acoustically. Certain songs like "Tout" for instance were completely re-arranged to fit with this new sound and the concept of the show. A stand-out moment during the concert is the homage Lara makes to her idol Barbra Streisand, singing "Papa Can You Hear Me" and "A Piece Of Sky" both taken from Streisand's 1983 movie "Yentl." These two songs had been previously performed in medley by Lara, back in 1997, during a concert in Québec at the time Pure was released. This time around, these songs get the chance to fully showcase Lara's amazing vocals on a record.

On the DVD one can find track that were intentionally left off from the CD, like "Je T'Aime" or even two English songs taken from Lara's two English records, "Broken Vow" and "I Guess I Loved You". According to Lara, these tracks had a more visual aspect on them than just being simply listened on a record. Therefore they are shown on the DVD and not the CD. Another amazing example presented on this DVD is the almost 10 minute performance of "Humana", a track and single taken off 1997 album Pure, which went longer than expect in running time during the concert due to the public's enthusiasm that took over during the performance and during 10 minutes besides Lara's normal vocal performance one ends up having the audience singing to the song all over during four or five minutes longer while Lara, caught by surprise with this reaction, jumps with joy motivating the audience to continue singing.

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