Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2003 "En Toute Intimité"

In 2003, Lara released the best-selling European DVD and CD, "En Toute Intimité", which was an intimate, acoustic piano-based collection showcasing Lara performing songs in English, Italian, and French.

On the DVD recorded at the mythic Olympia theatre Lara made her homage to Celine Dion's biggest French classic "Pour Que tu M'aimes encore" making it clear how respectful was her appreciation for the Canadian singer despite years of media scrutiny against Lara in comparison to Celine Dion. Besides some of Fabian's most remarkable hits and album tracks, one could find classics such as Dalla's "Caruso" (so often performed by Lara before); Jevetta Stelle's "Calling You" from the Bagdad Café soundtrack; "Mistral Gagnant" of French singer Renauld and a medley from the worldwide known French musical "Starmania".

Lara had the chance to not only interpret the songs but she also took advantage of the intimacy in the room and closeness with the audience to play a role and share her passion for acting. The result, according to many who attended the tour, was amazing. Somey may even consider that the hightlight of this concert was Lara's new rendition of Lama's "Je Suis Malade". A song that has been so popularized by Lara herself ever since she released it on her "Carpe Diem" nine years before. This time around her performance was a beautiful mixture of a spoken monologue and theatrical singing acompanied by her pianist alongside. As the second verse comes in she begins singing it in a very smooth and hearfelt way opposite to the previous dramatic belting performances from the past. The unexpected happens towards the final secction of the song everything stops. Pierre Grimard, the pianist leaves the set, Lara looks down and grabs the micro and then with her arms down she moves further near the audience and begins belting out with no micro in pure accapella delivering what may be her best performance of this song so far. As she hits the final note the audiece rises and gives her a tremendous standing ovation as she finishes falling down on the floor.

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